If You Connect It, Protect It

If You Connect It, Protect It If You Connect It, Protect It

Whether you're on the go—or on the couch—if you connect it, do your part to protect yourself and your data.  

Before You Click

Phishing attacks can come from unexpected sources. For instance, fake spam phone calls and emails are common methods for phishers who try to use scare tactics or incentives to get you to reveal sensitive data like credit card information. Cyber criminals use current political and worldwide events to their advantage by creating a sense of urgency and fear.

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Before You Login

Using a strong password to log in to your device or your online account is your first line of defense to protect your data. Here are some tips for developing and managing strong passwords for your accounts, and why multi-factor authentication (MFA) is so important for protecting your information.

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Have questions? We're here to help!

If you have questions about cybersecurity, or if you want to learn more about how to stay safe online, contact the Information Security Office (ISO) at: ciso@miami.edu