Security Consulting

The Information Security Office (ISO) consults with University members about a wide array of topics. These include areas such as security architecture, software acquisition, governance and compliance requirements, business processes, and network design.

Request an Information Security Consultation

To request a consultation, email and provide as much of the following information related to your request, where applicable:

  • Description of what you would like us to consult on (e.g., best security practices for communicating sensitive data).
  • Data security classification, regulatory compliance, and examples of the data (e.g., Sensitive, PCI DSS, Personally Identifiable Information).
  • Security level (e.g., high, medium, or low).
  • Brief description of the scope (e.g., enterprise, campus, college, department, or workgroup).
  • Brief description of the use cases involved (e.g., scheduling appointments and reporting on attendance).
  • Other subject matter experts or contacts for your request.
  • Your timeline/urgency for this request.

Once we receive the information above, we'll be able to determine who from our team will be assigned to work with you on your request, and other information we may need.