Before You Post: Be Aware that the Use of Social Media May Leave Your Data and Privacy Vulnerable

Before You Post Before You Post

Social media use has been on the rise for decades. We frequently share important moments of our lives by posting updates or pictures of our families, outings, and milestones. Widespread use of social media makes it an attractive platform for exploitation and misuse of our personal information.

Before you post, keep these tips in mind to better secure your online presence:

  • Make your social media account private. This gives you control over who can see what you post online. Most social media sites have additional privacy settings that give you even more control over your data and third-party interactions.
  • Disable location tracking, and do not post your whereabouts. Posting your location, and allowing geolocation tags in posts lets potential criminals know where you are. Wait until after you leave to tag the location in your posts.
  • Avoid posting vacation plans or business trip schedules when your home might be empty. Knowing when your house is empty makes your home an ideal target for theft. Wait until you return before posting those great vacation photos.
  • Be mindful of the pictures you share. Pictures that include aerial views of your home or show your valuable belongings can leave you susceptible to theft. Posting a selfie that has your new TV in the background may inform robbers of what you have.
  • Avoid sharing too many details about your personal life. Being aware of what you are sharing can prevent someone from using your personal information. If you would not say it in public, don’t post it on social media.
  • Be alert social media privacy concerns that come out in the news. Social media companies have faced backlash from privacy leaks. Make sure you stay up to date with what's going on with these companies to keep your data secure.
  • Read the terms and conditions. These outline the details of what a social media site can and cannot do with your data. You may be startled by exactly what some sites are able to do with it.

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