Risk Assessments
Risk assessment is the process of identifying variables that have the potential to negatively impact an organization’s ability to conduct business.
Top Threats of the Year
Hackers are nothing if not persistent. Last year last we saw several new trends and this year is no exception. Take a look at what we are facing in 2016.
Stay Safe with SecureCanes
SecureCanes is a wireless network that provides encryption for wireless communications. Users must use their CaneID and password to authenticate to the SecureCanes network.


The mission of the Information Security Office is to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems by providing proactive security expertise, creating and maintaining a robust security architecture, and fostering a culture of security awareness throughout the campus.
In addition to 'security products' and 'security people,' the enterprise needs 'secure products' and 'security-aware people.'


Stay Safe

Security begins with good prevention and basic knowledge. Learn more about information and Cyber security, and how to keep your data secure by accessing our Stay Safe articles, videos, and free tools.

Need Help? Report It!

Phished? Hacked? Suspicious activity on you account? The Information Security Office investigates information security related events. Learn more on how to respond and get help.

Writing a Policy? SOP? SWP?

Visit Policy Management to obtain guidance documents and get access to our templates.

Are You Scanning?

Vulnerability Management reduces the likelihood that attackers will be able to gain access to critical business systems. The process goes a long way toward protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organization’s information assets.

The Division of Business and Finance oversees the following departments: Controller, Human Resources, Information Technology, Office of Research Administration, Real Estate and Facilities, Supply Chain, and Treasury.
The vision of University of Miami's Information Technology (UMIT) department is to be the best information technology organization in higher education and healthcare; recognized for strategic leadership, innovation, and collaborative partnerships in achieving the University of Miami's academic, clinical, and research goals. 

The Office of HIPAA Privacy & Security serves as the first point of contact for all issues related to HIPAA privacy and security standards at the University of Miami. 

The mission of the Regulatory & Compliance Services is to reinforce the University of Miami’s commitment to a culture of excellence by providing a strong foundation for the implementation, maintenance and assessment of all essential research compliance activities.

University Compliance Services promotes and support a working environment that reflects the University’s commitment to operating with the highest level of integrity while maintaining compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies to all members of the University community, including trustees, officers, management, physicians, faculty and staff, students, employees.
The mission of Audit and Advisory Services is to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services, using a risk-based approach, to add value and improve the operations of the University.

The Department of Risk Management is responsible for the preservation of the University’s assets, both human and physical.  This is accomplished by identifying, defining, assessing, preventing and reducing risks facing the University of Miami.
The Office of the General Counsel supports the dynamic educational and research environment of the University of Miami by providing legal advice to promote sound decision-making in all areas of operation, research, and administration.