Risk Assessments of Non-Standard Device Requests

The University of Miami Information Security has set default standards for workstation laptops and computers, both PC and Apple options, for employee and student use. Quotes are available for standard technology on the eNET Ariba Procurement website. Nonstandard devices (NSD) are devices not aligned with the default standards.

Every request for a Non-Standard device has to be reviewed and approved by the UMIT Security Risk assessment team.

For the list of supported platforms and a detailed work flow of the approval process, please see our standard work procedure for approving non-supported devices

The steps of the NSD Approval process are as follows:

  • User requests for procuring a device in Ariba, UM Procurement System.
  • UMIT Procurement team receives the request.
  • If the requested device is not a standard device, i.e., a Non-Standard Device (NSD), the procurement team sends the NSD Questionnaire to the requestor.
  • Upon receipt of filled in NSD Questionnaire, the procurement team opens a ServiceNow Request for UMIT Security Compliance Team.
  • UMIT Security Compliance team member reviews the request and provides assessment comments on the ServiceNow Request.
  • If the request is approved, Procurement team proceeds with the purchase of the device. If the request is denied Procurement team communicates the decision to the requestor.