Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Facilitation

UMIT Security and Compliance offers Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Facilitation to UMIT departments.  The development of certain SOPs may be driven by UMIT Security and Compliance if a strong enough need is detected; otherwise, SOP Facilitation is a service provided upon UMIT departmental request and is intended to assist UMIT departments to develop and implement effective and comprehensive SOPs. SOP development assistance may be provided by a variety of personnel within IT Security and Compliance depending on the subject matter of the SOP.

Although UMIT Security and Compliance may facilitate the drafting of SOPs, the overall responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the content as well as training UMIT personnel on the procedures rests with the UMIT Departments that own and execute the SOP.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Facilitation services provides the following aids to SOP development:

  • Helps ensure the inclusion of content to aid departmental compliance with laws, regulations, and standards.
  • Helps identify any gaps that may impede the accomplishment of the mission, goals, and objectives of the department as defined in plans and other documents.
  • Facilitates the inclusion of content that helps ensure best practices are followed and key IT controls are built into the SOP.
  • Helps ensure standardized formatting is applied for a consistent look and feel of SOPs across UMIT.
  • Posting of SOPs on the UMIT Policies and Procedures website.